A Brief Stop in Kansas

Posted July 17th, 2012 by Sally and filed in Adventures, Family

We drove away from Las Vegas on July 14.  The trip to Dayton is not a short one, especially when you’re hauling two fidgety kids and a dog. Luckily, our route looked like this:


Turns out there’s a great little spot along I-70 to stop just in the middle of the trip.  It looks like this…

Magical right? After four long years in the desert, McPherson was a green oasis and a welcome respite from the crazy-ness of moving. We were unsure of how long we would be able to stay before our truck driver showed up, but ended up being able to spend two whole days there.  We had no trouble filling them up.

My birthday was on the 15th, so we celebrated with ice cream cake the night we arrived.  It was fabulous…until I was sick out of my mind that night. Miserable way to turn 32.  But, stress and lack of sleep tends to do that to me and I was feeling much better by noon the next day.

Feeling better was good because we had cousins coming to visit! In this military life, photos and moments like these don’t happen very often.  We’re thrilled when they do!

After two nights in Kansas, it was time to get back on the road and finally get to Dayton.  We made room in all the junk in the trunk for a suitcase for Grammie and she was able to come along on the ride.

At this point, it was Dayton or bust!

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  1. Grammie and Grandad says:

    THe pictures are great. It was a great two days and much needed before we confronted all the work required at the other end of the trip! It is always special when the cousins get to play and reacquaint themselves.

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