First, Last

Posted August 22nd, 2013 by Sally and filed in Kiddos, Whoozy

A little over four years ago, Ava went to her first day of daycare in Las Vegas. I noted then that it seemed like one of those days. One of the ones you want to make sure you pay attention to.

Today feels like one of those days also. It’s her last day of Pre-K. She’s missing it because she’s got a stomach bug, but it still feels big. We’ll drop her off at school on Monday and,even though it’s just a different room down the hall, it will be real school. (More on that later.)

We’ve been so lucky to have wonderful teachers and caregivers during these critical growth years. Ava has flourished in their care and with their patient teaching, and we are so grateful.

Ava, were so proud of you, big girl. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do in the next five years.


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  1. Grammie and Grandad says:

    OH my gosh, she is so grown up and the comparison of the two pictures is amazing. The time is flying and with the beginning of “real school” it will go even faster!

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