T-ball 2014: Wrap-Up

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If you’ll remember, we spent all winter (and this one was a loooong one) talking about when baseball season would be here.  Well, it arrived six weeks ago and ended this morning.  We signed the kids up to play their first-ever season of T-ball through our local YMCA and they’ve had a pretty great time.  Ava’s got a golden glove, whether she wants to admit it or not, and Noah really likes to bat and play first base.

Things I want to remember about this season when we get ready for next season and forever:

– Sign the kids up only if they really want to. If they get signed up, they will play the whole season. Period.

Ava was all for signing up when the signing up happened, but decided she wasn’t really in love with playing t-ball. In spite of this, she was actually pretty good and always played hard during her games. Have to remember to let it be her call when it’s time to sign up next year.  Noah LOVES baseball but, at three, loses patience with the pack-ball nature of the game and with the rigid structure of non-backyard imaginary play. Also, he’s really good at following a coach’s direction – a very pleasant surprise. Another year of maturity will probably serve him well next season.

– If you don’t volunteer to coach, only coach when asked.  Also, an organized volunteer coach is earning his sainthood every practice and game. Say thank you…often.

We did a lot of sideline coaching during the first couple weeks of the season. Then, we started sitting in the outfield (the safest place to be since the ball is NEVER out there) after that. The kids did a lot better when there were fewer competing voices and we learned a valuable lesson about the real reason for their participation. Six words only: “We love to watch you play.”

– Six weeks is a long enough season for kids this age. Don’t get overzealous and try to let it take the whole summer.

So glad we tried tball this summer because I think we all learned a lot. It’s good to get fresh air on Saturday mornings and I’m sure this is only the beginning of our organized sporting activities.  We’ve gotten a taste of what’s in the future, but, for now, we’re glad to be done with the season. We were so happy to watch them play.

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