Five on Friday

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We’re really in the new, post-baby schedule now.  Ava’s school hours have been cut back to just 25 a week, so that means that Fridays are no longer the solo-Mommy, get-projects-done days of yore.  But, I do have a little time during naps to post an update, so here it is…in list form, of course.

1.  Noah goes to his first day of school on Monday.  I’m both sad and totally ok with the idea.  He’ll be there for five hours, four days a week…same as Ava.  The hours he’s at school will include two naps and about an hour and a half of awake time.  I’m sad to miss that hour and a half, since I know it’ll become oh so important over the next several months, but I feel ok with these hours because we’re basically paying for him to have a safe place to sleep while I go to work.  Remind me of this next week.

2.  Noah can go to school and that means that he’s six weeks old.  Seriously, where did six weeks go?  Can’t believe it’s gone so quickly.  I remember that amount of time taking so much longer when Ava was a newborn.  He’s getting so much bigger and so much more active.  He even talks to us sometimes!  He laughs in his sleep all the time, but we haven’t seen any awake laughs since he was a week old.  Can’t wait to hear that again.


3.  We finally got photos printed from the first few weeks of being a family of four.  I’ve hung them up in all the places I’ve been planning for them to be for months.  It’s so nice to see the faces of all the people I love as I walk around doing chores and stuff.  My last maternity leave project was to create some more space for photos since we have more faces and more photos we love.  I just finished this project (about 10 minutes ago) so this maybe the fastest completion-to-blog project ever.  Best part of the project is that it was completely free!  It’s not so bad to not be able to afford expensive artwork when you’ve got such priceless people to look at instead.



4.  Speaking of priceless people, on Wednesday night, I made chili-mac for dinner.  It was pretty good considering that five minutes before I started cooking I had no idea what I was going to make.  Anyway, Ava was having none of it.  So, I made her sit at the table until she ate the small portion I pushed to the side of her plate.  An hour and a half later, she still hadn’t eaten any.  She had, however, conducted several circle time sessions with her imaginary students.  Can’t punish a kid with an overactive imagination by leaving her alone.  She just makes up friends!

IMG_1809“Ava, what does a three-year-old look like?”

5.  Matt’s been at work until at least 6:30 every night this week, but he was home a couple of mornings to help out with that end of the deal.  Can’t decide which I prefer – help in the morning, especially after a fairly sleepless night, or help in the evening after a long afternoon with the kiddos?  If I’m really honest, I’d have to say that I want both.  It would be awesome to actually see him in the morning and still know that the kids will see him before going to bed at night.  Maybe at the next job…

And a bonus #6…

While I was upstairs feeding Noah just now, Ava was down the hall settling in to a nap by singing to herself.  Someone rang the doorbell and set Libby off.  Being trapped under a tiny human, there wasn’t a thing I could do about any of it.  Ava’s response to the barking?  She started howling.  Yay for Fridays!



Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Grammie and Grandpa says:

    Thanks for a wonderful Friday post! LOVED IT! It made me smile to read all the narrative, look at the pictures, and listen to “circle time.” Thanks.

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